Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ran 3.27 miles in 60 minutes

My wakeup heart rate was 55 again. That is a good sign, because I mowed my lawns yesterday and was pretty tired when I finished. I read yesterday a comment from Jeff Galloway (inventor of the run/walk method that I'm using) that the optimum amount of running and walking is 30 seconds each. I tried that today. I did 0:30/0:30 for the whole run. Because I was running shorter segments, I intentionally ran faster than I've been running. My time going out was a bit faster than I've been doing, and my time coming back was a bit slower.  I think I'll use that ratio again on Saturday but go a bit slower. The purpose of walk breaks is to get rested from the running, thus being able to run a longer distance for the run, but I went too fast today and the walking wasn't long enough to provide the rest I needed. I did take a couple of rest breaks for about 2 minutes each on the way back.

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