Friday, May 4, 2012

Ran/walked for 1 hour 10 minutes

I have a busy schedule tomorrow, so I did today my 3rd and last run for the week. My wake up heart rate was 55 again. I felt pretty good in the morning but felt tired in the mid afternoon, and I took a short nap and waited until late afternoon to go out. I wasn't super energetic, but I felt OK during my workout. The shade temperature was in the low 80s, and during late afternoon there was a lot of shade on the Parkway path. No wind, just a great day for running. I forgot my GPS and timer, so I counted 45-50 steps at each pace. My distance was about 3.5 miles. My running pace was about the same as in past weeks, but my walking pace was a bit faster than in past weeks. I think my going to shorter running and walking phases has helped me increase my total time during the workouts this week, but I still got tired as I neared the end of the workout today. I will need to increase my total times in small increments to get back to the total times I had a month ago.

I've been thinking about my getting old and wondering if I really will make it to 100. If I do, I hope to still be running. I didn't notice much change up through age 72 in my ability to run and to recover, but since then I've noticed that I get tired sooner and have a more difficult time doing longer distances. I still run for enjoyment, and I do enjoy my runs.

The Jordan River is still low. I see a lot of sand banks that usually would be under water this time of year, and I'm wondering if the Spring runoff is smaller than they expected. Also, they put water about 2 weeks sooner in the irrigation canals that traverse the Salt Lake valley, and that might contribute to the low level of water in the river.

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