Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ran/walked for 86 minutes

I completed 4.4 miles in the 86 minutes. My wakeup heart rate is still high, but the fluctuations in my heart rate are pretty much gone. I'm trying hard to get 7 hours of sleep at night, but my body is used to getting up about 7:30, and that takes time to change. Actually, the change that I need to make is getting to bed an hour earlier. I'm averaging about 6-61/2 hours with a nap in the afternoon.

I ran/walked from the South Jordan East Pavilion to the Draper pavilion at 12300 South. I had a good drink of water before I left the East Pavilion, and another good drink at the Draper pavilion which was my turn-around point. I felt fine on the way down but got tired on the way back and took a couple of brief rest stops. The good news is that I wasn't tired from the running and walking. Alternating the two means that I had brief rest walks after brief spurts of running. I was tired from the time on my feet which equates to distance. A few weeks ago I was doing 6 -7 miles for my long run, and I reduced my distance to see if that made a difference in the swelling in my feet. It didn't, so I'm working myself back to the longer distance. In about a month I'll be back to the 6-7 miles for my long workouts.

I think getting too much Sodium in my diet is the biggest factor in the swelling. I didn't realize how much salt I was eating. I'm reducing the salt in my diet, and my weight has gone down about 10 pounds (water weight).

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