Saturday, June 30, 2012

A great 60 minute run/walk

I had a great run today. I alternated running and walking of 1 minute each. I went north from 100th South to check on the new gate (still closed) at the border of West Jordan City. I then went south to the turn around point of the Police Academy qualifying runs and then back to the parking lot. In the 60 minutes, I did 3.1 miles.

Our afternoon temperature is still in the high 90s (F) to low 100s, so I waited until 7 pm to go out. Because the sun was low in the sky I had lots of shade. I don't know if it is a lower humidity or me getting acclimated to the heat, but I felt pretty good during the run. I did a lazy LSD and made no effort to increase my speed. There was no wind, and that helped, too.

At the beginning, I talked with a lady for a few minutes who is with a group that sponsors a race of some kind. The race involved running, cycling, and kayaking. She said there were 4 hour, 8 hour, and 24 hour phases of the race, and she was waiting for the people to finish. When I finished the first 1.5 miles round trip to the new gate, she was still waiting, but when I returned from the last 1.5 miles, she, her husband, and another couple were putting things away.

My goals are to get my workouts back to 60 minutes, 100 minutes and 140 minutes. It will take me a few weeks to do that.

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