Monday, June 4, 2012

Ran/walked for 49 minutes

There is one word that describers my run today: HOT. The temperature in the direct sun was in the mid 90s (F). I started running about 12:30, and there wasn't much shade. I first ran north from 100th South, hoping to try the new path that goes into West Jordan, but the new gate at the beginning of the new path was closed and padlocked. A note on the gate said the path was closed due to construction and that the new path should be available about June 30. They've already paved the new path going from the border of West Jordan to a path that crosses the river to the Sandy City golf course, and my guess is that they are paving the canal maintenance road that goes to 90th South. I turned around at the gate and finished my run by going south to the half-mile marker that is south of the trail head at 100th South. I did 2.5 miles today.

I forgot both my timer and my GPS, so I counted steps in the running and walking phases of my workout: 50 or so steps running and 30 or so steps walking. Those numbers are the times my left foot hit the ground not the actual steps from both feet. I used my wrist watch to measure the total time spent in the workout.

I'm really grateful for the new water fountain at 100th South. I'm using that source instead of carrying my own water. However, due to the heat, I'll probably start carrying my own water in addition to using that fountain and the fountain at the East Pavilion.

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