Monday, July 2, 2012

Another great 60 minute run/walk

I ran the same route that I ran Saturday evening. I left home about 7:20 am so I would have lower temperatures for my running. The temperature was 74 (F) when I left home and 94 when I returned. The heat wave is expected to continue this week. Many of the folks back east have been without power for a couple of days, and I really feel for them. No power means no air conditioning, and for many folks no cooking. For some, as was the case when I lived in Massachusetts, no power means no water (I had my own well with an electric pump to bring the water into the house.

There was quite a lot of shade this morning on my route, due to the low angle of the morning sun, and that was nice. I ran a comfortable LSD and completed 3.27 miles in the 60 minutes.

I've been thinking that I will run 60 minutes on Wednesday and 60 minutes on Saturday. Then next week I will begin bringing the Wednesday and Saturday runs up to 100 minutes by adding 5 minutes to each run each week. When the Wednesday run reaches 100 minutes, I'll stop it at that time and continue adding 5 minutes to the Saturday run until it reaches 140 minutes. Five minute increases are slightly less than 10%. This will give me a rest run, a medium run, and a long run.

The gate on the path is still locked (I expected it to be locked since it was locked Saturday evening, and workmen haven't had much time this morning to work on the path). When they closed the path, officials of West Jordan City estimated the path would open approximately on June 30. Today is July 2, so the path should be open any day now. While I was at the closed gate, a lady came up the path on her bike. She said her husband had gone to 90th South and followed the path south. I don't know how far south he came, but he told his wife the path went past the Pro shop at the golf course, which isn't far from the locked gate. So, it does look like the path is almost completed. I had guessed that the path would follow the maintenance road up to 90th South, but it looks like I'm wrong and that the path goes through the golf course.

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