Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Did another 3 miles this evening

The temperature at the Salt Lake Airport peaked at 101 (F) today. The highest temperature I saw at my house was 98. My wife and I left for her walk and my run/walk about 6:30 pm. The temperature when we left was 89, and it was 81 when we returned home. This was cooler than the peak but still hot. The temperature is projected to peak in triple digits on Wednesday, and I need to get out early in the morning or wait until 7:30 to 8:00 pm to go running. Leaving at 6:30 like we did this evening meant the temperature was still high. When we got home, I noticed my hat and my t-shirt were soaked with sweat.

I followed the Jordan River Parkway north to 90th South, but I couldn't find the parking lot for the trail head. I'm guessing the path goes west to the parking lot for the golf driving range that borders 90th. I'm going to check Google Maps today to see if I can find the parkway at 90th. There is a short (about 100 feet) dirt path to 90th from the point where we stopped, but that isn't the official path. While we were stopped near the dirt path, we saw three cyclists who were going east on 90th take the dirt path to the Parkway and then go south. I need to find the parking lot, so I find the point where the Parkway path crosses under 90th South and continues north.

On our way back, we saw two big brown horses grazing in the pasture that borders the Parkway. Both were all brown with a white spot on their forehead, and I couldn't tell if one of them was the horse that I "rescued" yesterday. It's likely that one was.

I got pretty tired on the way back to our car. I had about 1/4 mile left to go, and we stopped at a bench while I took a brief rest. I didn't eat much yesterday, and that likely contributed to my being tired. Also, even though I had a good drink before we left home and another drink in the parking lot at 100th South, I got pretty thirsty. I need to carry water on these hot days. I did a lot of walking during the last half-mile. Rather than run ahead of my wife, I walked with her during that last part. Usually, she walks as fast as I  run/walk, but she had decided before we left home to go slower and enjoy being outside. I'm a slow walker, and her going slower allowed me to walk with her. Her fast walk is faster than my pace for running and walking. This is true for most of the walkers - faster than me.

The Sandy City golf course goes about half a mile north and south of the Pro Shop. On Saturday, when I ended up in a residential area, I noticed the golf course behind the Townhouses that were near the Pro Shop. Tonight, we were on the other side of the golf course, on the Parkway path, and the path went next to the golf course up to 90th.

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