Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ran for 90 minutes and did 4.2 miles for my long run

I've been studying the online maps about the Jordan River in West Jordan City. The city has a trails map that shows two trails following close to the river. I decided to follow the river and see how it went under 90th South (a major street going west from I15). The river went under the street but the trail didn't. I waited until there was no traffic coming either way and then ran across 90th. I found a dirt trail following the river, so I followed that trail for not quite a mile. I was hoping the trail would take me to 83rd West or so, where there is a connector between the Jordan River Parkway and 7th West. I think the trail might have gone that far, but I turned back because the trail was getting pretty rough. I followed a sidewalk along 90th South to the golf driving range that I've seen while driving on 90th. I found the canal maintenance road that goes north, but that road stopped at 90th South and didn't follow the canal under 90th. So, my conclusion is as follows: follow the dashed yellow lines, like I did on Monday, to Riverside Drive. Go north on Riverside until it becomes 7th West. Follow 7th West north to the light at 90th. Cross 90th and continue north on 7th West. According to Google Maps, there is a connector from 7th West back to the Jordan River Parkway at about 8300 South. This is the only safe way to cross 90th South and continue North on the Parkway.

Today was cooler than previous days last week. The temperature was 69 (F) when I left home and 77 when I returned. I was out earlier in the morning that I've done in previous days, and that made running a more enjoyable activity. I was back home before 11 am, and the trail had quite a lot of shade.

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