Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ran for 95 minutes and did 4.2 miles

I started running at 10:51, later than I had wanted and thus hotter. The shade temperature during my run was in the low 90s (F). The direct-sun temperature was probably about 105. I did fine for the first half, but after I turned around and headed north to my car at 100th South, I suffered from the heat and thus took several two-minute sitting breaks on benches that were in shade. The path south of 100th South doesn't have much mid-day shade.

Just before I started running, I talked with a man who wanted to canoe the river, and he was using his bicycle to scout for places to launch his canoe. He was using his phone to look at a map of the area, and I answered several questions about the area. He went south (same direction as me), and I didn't see him again until I was at the South Jordan East Pavilion, still going south, and he passed going north. As he passed, I asked him how it went, and he yelled back that he found some good places.

I passed a man on a bicycle who was pulling a small trailer that carried his water and other things he thought he would need. Most cyclists only carry one bottle of water, but he had several bottles on his trailer. I passed him again as I was going north to my car and he was going south. He must have gone a long way north before he turned around.

There are water fountains at 100th South and at the East Pavilion, and I had good drinks at both places, thus not having to carry water. However, if I continue to run at mid-day I will do better if I carry water in addition to using the fountains.

After I got home, I ate some food (I run on an empty stomach, eating before I leave only a couple of handfuls of dry Cheerios and an energy bar) and took a half-hour nap. I was really tired when I got home, and I felt better after the nap.

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