Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ran/walked (I think) for about 70 minutes

The temperature peaked this afternoon at 92 (F), so I waited until late afternoon to run. It was 82 when I left home, and about 72 when I returned. I didn't have my GPS with me, but I would guess that I went about 3.5 miles or so.

I went north and found the new gate open, so I ran/walked the new path hoping to get to the parkway-head at 90th South. The asphalt in the new part of the trail had (ugly) a dashed yellow line down the middle of the path. The dashed line took me into the Sandy City Golf Course, where the line became a solid line. I followed the solid line through the golf course to a city street. The yellow line stopped at the street, and I couldn't see a continuation of the line. So, I followed the city street north until it came to a dead end at about 9100 South. A block wall separated me from the vehicles driving on 90th South. I had made a wrong turn somewhere and was not on the Parkway path. I backtracked to the golf course and decided to take a road that went west of the Pro shop instead of east of the shop, as I had done going out. This road went past the Pro shop to the path I had followed going out. I did see, though, a sign about the Parkway trail, and I realized where I had made the wrong turn. When I came across the bridge over the Jordan River, I should have made an immediate turn and gone west of the Pro Shop instead of following the solid line that went south of the Pro Shop to the city street.

On the way back, I heard a clop clop and saw a big brown horse walking down the Parkway path. The horse went about 100 feet past me, and then it turned around and followed me south. There is a lot of construction going on just west of the path, but due to the late hour all of the workmen were gone. I decided to call the police and report the horse. There were several horses in a field just north of the construction, and somehow this horse had found a way to get out of the pasture and take a stroll on the Parkway path. About a minute after I finished my conversation with the police dispatcher, a white SUV drove up, and a man and a woman got out with halters to put on the horse. I decided they were the owners of the horse, and I left the horse in the care of those people and continued my run/walk back to the parking lot at 100th South. Hopefully, the horse is back in the pasture with its friends and the owners are glad to get the horse back.

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