Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another great run/walk - 140 minutes

I started at 100th South in South Jordan City and ran to 78th South in Midvale City. My wakeup heart rate was 57, higher than the 54 I had yesterday. The difference was likely due to my mowing my lawns yesterday. When I finished with the lawns, my heart was pumping fast, and I was tired. Apparently, my body hadn't fully recovered by this morning when I measured my pulse rate. I wasn't sure if I should run today or not, because when I woke up I didn't have a lot of energy. However, when I left home, I felt pretty good. I hoped to do at least 5 miles like I did on Wednesday, and maybe 6 miles. But, once I started, I just kept on going and did 7 miles! As I neared 78th South, I knew I should turn around, but the temptation to get to 78th South was great, and I kept on going.

The Midvale City section of the Jordan River Parkway path ends at 78th South. However, I stood in the parking lot next to the road for a few minutes and watched walkers and cyclists come and go, and I realized there is a path under the road that continued north. I discovered that that there is a foot bridge across the river about 100 yards south of 78th, and a path from that bridge goes down and to the right, and then it goes under the street and continues northward. This is the way people are getting across 78th. I think that for my next long run, I'll drive to 78th South and park my car in the parking lot where I was standing, and then I'll backtrack to the bridge and go under the street. This will allow me to run 1.5 to 3.5 miles north on the path before I turn around. That distance will put me close to the border of Kearns City. If I can find additional parking lots along the path, I might be able to run clear to Davis County, which is north of Salt Lake City, and maybe get to the point where the Jordan River empties into the Great Salt Lake.

I ran today in the mid-day heat (the high in Salt Lake City was expected to be 89 (F), but it was much hotter than that in the direct sun. There wasn't much shade on the path, and I got really hot. In addition, I was very low on water and had to ration my water on the way back. I used four bottles (cups) of water on the 3.5 miles out, and 1 bottle on the way back.  To ration my water, I took smaller sips and took them every other walking phase. I ran out of water about 1/4 mile from my car, and I walked that last quarter mile and got a big drink at a fountain before I drove home.

Again, if there are people reading this who aren't sure how to get from Sandy to Midvale, take the Parkway path through the golf course. When the path ends, ignore the sign that says end of the path, and go left up to 7th West. Cross 90th at the light and go north on 7th West to about 8300 South. There are several industrial buildings along the west side of 7th West. There are two big silos immediately north of the last building, and the Parkway path begins at that point. There is a locked gate that blocks the path, but there is a narrow opening in the fence to let people go to-from the parkway path to 7th West. The opening is wide enough for bicycles to get through, but I doubt that baby strollers (at least wide ones) could get through. Narrow strollers might make it.


  1. Anonymous8/16/2012

    I needed some motivation, so I read your blog today. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You're welcome! We all need motivation from time to time.