Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ran/walked 140 minutes again

For my long run this week, I repeated the time (140 minutes) done last week but on a different route. I only did 6.2 miles because I did more walking on the way back. Last week I ended at a parking lot on 78th South. Today I started at that parking lot and went north for 3.5 miles, about 1/4 mile north (about 57th South) of a parking lot and entrance to the Jordan River Parkway in Murray City at Bullion Street. Next week, if I feel up to it, I'll start at the parking lot at Bullion Street and go north for 3.5 miles; that distance should put me in South Salt Lake City. My wakeup heart rate was 57.

Last week, I only had one bottle (1 cup) of water for the 3.5 miles back, and I had to ration the water during the return distance. This week, I started rationing the water at the beginning of my run, taking a swallow every other walking phase instead of every walking phase. I was pleasantly surprised when I got into Murray City to find an entrance to the Parkway Path that was a nice Park. There was a water fountain, rest rooms, large Pavilion, and a playground for kids. I didn't think about replenishing my water on my way out, and I continued to ration my water. On the way back, however, I filled three water bottles and had plenty of water for that last 2.5 miles. It was hot today, and I was glad for the extra water, especially since I had lost one of my bottles of water and was expecting to only have four bottles for the round trip. Murray didn't have many benches along the trail, and those that were there were in the afternoon sun, and I didn't take a rest-break. I did find a bench in Murray that was in the shade, and I took a long (5 minutes) break. West Jordan City had quite a few benches along the trail, but most of them were in the sun. I took a two-minute break at one of the benches, only to find that a short distance later there was a bench in shade.

There were a lot of cyclists on the trail and a few runners and walkers. 

I still had about a quarter mile back to my car when the 140 minutes ended, and I turned off my GPS and walked to the car. Just before I got to my car, I found my water bottle in the middle of the trail. Earlier, a cyclist had told me he had seen my water bottle on the trail back at 78th South, so I was looking for the bottle as I neared the car, and I was glad to get the bottle. I dumped out the water in the bottle, because it was hot, as in a hot shower, from being in the sun for two hours 20 minutes. All in all, it was a nice run/walk on a beautiful but hot day.

This was a bad week for running. On Tuesday, my wife and I attended a wedding reception at the south end of the valley, almost in the Oquirrh Mountains. On Wednesday my wife and several friends were busy all day doing flowers for a wedding on Thursday morning. We were busy on Thursday from 6 am until midnight with the wedding. My wife did all of the flowers for the wedding, and I shot video of the events. There was a morning wedding, a noon-time luncheon, and the wedding reception that evening. On top of all of this, we had four grandchildren staying with us for the week, and they expected me to play games with them. I got my old Atari 800 out of a closet and set it up so they could play Atari games. On Friday I was too tired to do anything but mope around. I had 7 hours sleep each night during the week, and I felt fine this morning before I left for my run/walk. In addition to my 7 hours sleep last night, I took a one-hour nap before the run and a one-hour nap after I returned home from my run/walk. I feel fine now and am ready to go outside and finish mowing my lawn.

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