Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today had a great run/walk for 100 minutes

I started my workout a few minutes before 9 am. Yesterday, the temperature in Salt Lake City was 103 (F), and today was expected to be almost that hot. So, I made sure I started my workout early in the morning. During most of the workout, the sky was cloudy, and I didn't have direct sun. Although, during the last mile, the sky cleared and I had the heat from direct sun. I did 4.8 miles during my workout, with no rest stops. I felt good, had a good energy level, and really enjoyed myself. I think the big difference between this run and previous runs is sleep. I've been getting a good 7 hours sleep each night during the past week, and my body is starting to respond to the sleep. Our bodies don't respond quickly to sleep or the lack of sleep. It takes a few days for the effect of sleep or the lack of sleep to hit me. I carried 5 bottles (cups) of water in my Fuel Belt, and took a swallow each time I walked. I sweated a lot and was glad I had the water.

I didn't check the temperature when I left home and when I returned, but the news broadcast said the max temperature in Salt Lake was 95. I run along the Jordan River, about 15 or so miles from Salt Lake, and the temperature is usually a few degrees cooler than the city.

I took a half hour nap when I got home and then sat around for two or three hours resting. When the sun was getting low in the sky, I went outside and replaced three sprinkler popups. The popups being replaced are old ones with the filter in the bottom. The replacements are new popups with the filter in the top. I'm replacing the old ones because the filter is much easier to replace in the new ones. I have to dig a hole about 5 inches in diameter and as deep as the popup so I can replace the popup without getting dirt in the pipe while I make the change.

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