Monday, September 3, 2012

Had a nice 60 minute run/walk

I ran & walked for 60 minutes, alternating 50 seconds of each. The temperature was 80 (F) when I left home, but the sun felt hot. I did 3.0 miles during my run. I took a two-minute rest-break, on the way back with a mile left to go. That bench is the only one on my route. It is in the sun, but that's OK. I went a little faster on the way out and got a bit closer to the light at 700 West and 9000 South. I drank my customary one bottle (1 cup) of water per mile, taking a swallow every walking phase.

My wakeup heart rate was 57 this morning. Slightly lower than last week. I haven't been doing very well on getting to sleep earlier. I love night-time (up to about 3 am), and I have a hard time stopping things and going to bed. But, sleep deprivation means a higher wakeup heart rate and less endurance during my run.

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