Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My wife and I did a 60-minute run/walk today

I ran/walked the time, using my usual 50-second phases at each pace, and I did 3 miles. My wife walked the time and did 2.7 miles. She walks faster than me but is a bit slower than me when I run, and we were together for much of the distance. I'm glad that she came so we could enjoy being outside together.

Today was a really beautiful day. Sunshine, almost no wind, and temperatures in the mid 70s (F). A perfect day for walking and for alternating walking and running. Well, actually, it wasn't a good day to exercise outside, due to fires in Idaho and smoke from those fires filling the air in the Salt Lake valley. I couldn't see the mountains very well, due to the smoke, but the air seemed nice as I ran, and it seemed like a great day for running. Great for running but not for breathing :(

I saw and talked briefly with a friend who is in a motorized chair. Rather than keep his small dog on a lease, he lets the dog run free, but when another person approaches, the dog runs to the chair and hops aboard.

My wakeup heart rate was 59, one count less than yesterday. I'm focusing on getting to bed earlier, but it takes several days of sufficient sleep to cause my HR to come down.

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