Saturday, November 17, 2012

A great 65-minute run/walk

I didn't measure my wakeup heart rate this morning, but I felt pretty good, thanks to several nights of good sleep. I added 5 seconds to both my running and walking (60 seconds each phase) and covered 3.33 miles in 65 minutes. I went north from 100th South. When I got to the golf course, instead of following the yellow line through the golf course to the temporary end of the trail at Riverside Drive, I went north past the west side of the golf pro shop on a straight line to 90th South. Then I followed the path in a loop through the golf course and back to the pro shop and a mile back to my car. The temperature was in the high 40s (F) when I started and in the low 50s when I finished. The sky was mostly cloudy, and it was a great day for running.

Google maps gives a good view of the path I followed this morning. Find the intersection of 100th South in South Jordan City and the Jordan River and zoom in until you see the Parkway trail going through a tunnel under 100th South (I do my stretches in that tunnel at the end of my runs). The picture to the right shows the tunnel. The small white car that is at the bottom-center of the picture is my car (The picture was taken a few years ago). Since my car is in the picture, I thought I might be seen on the path. I searched the path from the new bridge across 11400 South, which was just being built, to the temporary end of the path about 3/4 mile north of the parking lot, but I didn't see me. I did see several walkers or runners, but I wasn't one of them because their shorts were the wrong color.

Click a picture for a larger view.

Follow the path north until it crosses a bridge across the river to the golf course. You'll see the golf course pro shop, which is a large building on the other side of the river, and the trail is marked going past the south side of the building to Riverside Drive in Sandy City. Instead of taking that path in my run this morning, I took a path that goes past the west side of the building north to just before 90th South. The picture to the left shows the pro shop and the paths going past the pro shop.

I approached 90th South on an asphalt path that is shown in the picture to the right. I crossed a bridge back across the river and followed the path as it wound through the golf course back to the pro shop, crossing the river on a narrow bridge that isn't shown in any of the pictures.

As a side note, the only safe way to cross 90th South is to take the Parkway path past the pro shop to Riverside Drive and follow that street to the intersection of 700 West and 90th South. About 3/4 mile north of 90th South on 700 West, an entrance to the Parkway trail is marked, and the trail goes north past Salt Lake City to Davis County. So far, I've gone on the trail to 3900 South, which is about 5 miles south of Salt Lake City.

I've noticed that Canadian geese like fields instead of the river. Ducks are always in the river, and the geese are always in fields. Today, I saw a huge flock of geese in a field. I guess  geese forage in the field for food, while ducks forage in the river for food, although with winter coming, the ducks are spending more time on the asphalt path and nearby dirt looking for food. The following picture of geese in a field is from the web. That picture shows approximately 30 geese. The flock I saw had 100-200 geese.

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  1. Hi, runners like you are inspiring. Nice shots, take care!