Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another 58 Minutes at the Gym

Today is a "red" day meaning the air-quality is bad. In addition, the temperature 24/7 has been below freezing all month, and I'm worried about ice on the path where I usually run. So, I went to the gym again.

I ran/walked for 30 minutes, doing 1.5 laps running (about 2 minutes) and 0.5 laps walking (about 1 minute). Then, I went on an Expresso stationary bike and road the Alpine road for 3 miles, finishing in 28 minutes. This was my first time on an Exresso bike, and I was experimenting to learn the bike. I wasn't registered as a rider, so I was a Guest while I rode. Expresso bikes are interesting. A monitor screen shows the route I have chosen. I have to steer the bike and shift gears according to the terrain. The Alpine road has a lot of up and down hills, causing me to shift gears a lot, and it was a hard route to take on my first time on the bike. After I returned home, I went to and signed up as a rider so the computer will keep track of my times and routes for me. Riding the Expresso bike was an interesting experience. I haven't ridden a bike for about 30 years, and I'm not in great shape. I used to ride a bike to work when I lived in Phoenix, and I rode it in Massachusetts to a friend's house and then took a Van Pool to work. I think that in future visits to the gym, I'll mix running and walking on the track with riding the Expresso bike. At least for now, 30 minutes on the bike is enough. Using the bike was fun today and gave me a pleasant change from my usual routine.

My wife went to the gym with me and walked the track for a mile and then read a magazine while I finished my workout. Having a free membership to the gym is beginning to be a nice perk.

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