Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ran/walked 60 minutes again at the Gym

I went to the gym in the late afternoon and ran/walked for 60 minutes (about 3 miles). I forgot my timer, so I ran 1.5 laps and walked 0.5 laps. The temperature when I left home was 29 (F) and 17 when I returned. I saw an old lady walking very slowly around the track, accompanied by her daughter. I stopped and talked with them for a couple of minutes. The old lady is 83. I told her it was wonderful to see her walking around the track. They asked me my age, and I told them 77. I said that I hoped that when I became 83 I would still be running.

The daytime shade temperature today and yesterday was just under freezing, meaning the sum temperature would have been above freezing. The snow and ice melted a bit while the sun was shinning. I think on my first run next week, I'll drive to the Jordan River Parkway and see if the trail looks ice-free. I don't mind running when there are patches of ice that I can see. I've been going to the gym this week, because the ice was covered by a thin layer of snow, and the cold temperatures prevented the snow from melting. I thus couldn't see the ice. If I were younger, I would wear my ice shoes and stay with the Parkway. But, since I have a free membership in the gym (thanks to my medical insurance), I'm going to the gym this week. I'm old enough that I don't want to risk falling on ice and breaking bones.


  1. I like reading your running journal. I am not a runner but subscribe to Runners World because of the inspiring personal stories. I study classical ballet 5 times a week going for 6 and close to your age. I hope to be taking ballet classes at 83 plus.

  2. Hi Angele,

    Thanks for your comment! You and I are old, but we're not in the grave or wheelchair yet. When you're 83, I hope you are still taking ballet classes and that I'm still running. My goal is to turn 100 and still be running and walking.


  3. It's got to the stage today when the snow is too deep for me to run. Wish I had free membership to the gym! Well done Alan for keeping it going.

  4. Hi Runningfox,

    I am glad to have the free gym membership (as part of my ARRP health plan). Old people like us can't risk falling down. When I was younger I would go out in the snow and ice, but now I go to the gym....

    Another time I go to the gym is when we have horrible air due to inversions. The Salt Lake valley is literally in a bowl with high mountains on all sides, and winter inversions are common. Today is a "red" day so I'm going to the gym for that as well as for the possibility of ice. For the whole month of January, so far, we've had daytime temps below freezing.

  5. I actually enrolled at our local gym the other night - online - on a pay as you go basis, but I haven't been down yet. The snow is currently a bit deep for running and my Lt hamstring doesn't like it. So, much as I hate the sweaty atmosphere in the gym, not to mention the noise, I reckon I might have to give it a go.

  6. Yeah, noise levels in the gym are pretty high, but I'm getting used to the noise and am tuning it out. The noise today wasn't bad, because I was there in the middle of the day and kids were in school.