Saturday, January 26, 2013

Worked Out for 45 Minutes at the Gym

The temperature today had a high of 40 (F), so the ice on the Parkway path should be melting. However, the air quality has been "red" all week. When I got up this morning, the fog was so thick that I couldn't see any trees from my window. Later, as the air warmed up, the fog thinned so I could see about 200 yards or so. I decided to go to the gym again due to the inversion and resulting air pollution that we're having.

I ran/walked for 15 minutes, about one mile, and then I rode the Expresso bike for 4 miles. I tried to slow down a bit and not push for speed. The 2-mile route I took had slight variations in elevation, and I shifted gears when ever peddling was too hard or too easy for my legs. I did the route twice, and my bottom was saddle-sore when I finished. My son said it takes about a week of cycling for one to get used to the hard saddle on the bike. When I finished the route for the second time, I was ready to stop and go home. I'm glad the daytime temperature is getting above freezing. Now, if the inversion will go away, I'll return to the Jordan River Parkway.


  1. Hi, I read your interview with Good4sports Blog, thanks I got alot out of it.

  2. How I wish when I reach your age I will still be as active and strong as you are. :) I can't even last 30 minutes workout at the gym.

  3. Well, Abbie, increase your time by 5-10% increments weekly or biweekly. The "baby steps" give your body time to adjust to the higher stress. Don't worry about speed. Just run at a pace that is comfortable for you.