Monday, February 11, 2013

I only had 5 hours sleep last night, so I limited my running on the Jordan River Parkway to 1 mile. After that, I drove to the gym and rode the Expresso bike for 4 miles. I had intended to take a nap before I ran, but I forgot about it and went running shortly before noon. The temperature when I left was 32 (F), but it seemed colder than that. The Parkway path was free of ice, except for a few shady spots, but a lot of water was on the path. Tonight is forecast to be cold, single digits, and then it will get warmer during the week. Today was a green day, and tomorrow is forecast to be a yellow day. The inversion pollution is starting to build up again.

Some people might wonder why I limited my run to 1 mile but rode the Expresso bike for 4 miles (about 21 minutes). The reason is that bike riding works my legs but not the upper part of my body. Hence, I can ride even though I'm tired from lack of sleep.


  1. Besides, bike riding is a ton of fun!

  2. Hi Francie,

    Yes, it is a lot of fun! My wife says I'm being addicted to it. I lived in Phoenix for about 12 years, and I did a lot of bike riding there. Mostly to work and back. The Expresso bike is a good simulation of real bikes.