Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ran on the JR Parkway and rode the Expresso Bike

My wakeup heart rate was 62 this morning, a bit higher than it has been during the week. I ran for 60 minutes and did 3.15 miles. The temperature was about 40 (F) when I left home. I wore four layers even though I expected the fourth layer might be too much. It was too much during most of my run, but as the sun started to set, I was glad to have the extra layer. I just got home from the gym, and the temperature is 33. When I first started to run, I could tell that my legs were tired, but as my run progressed, my legs felt better. I had my timer set for run/walk times of 3 minutes/1 minute, and I followed those times during the first part of the run. During the middle of the run, I stopped running after about 2 1/2 minutes, but toward the end of the run, I ran the full 3 minutes each cycle.

The Parkway path still has puddles from melting snow, but the path isn't nearly as wet as it was a week ago. We've been having daytime shade temperatures in the low 40s, and that is causing a lot of the snow to melt.

After I completed my run, I drove to the gym and rode the Expresso bike for the Fruitdale route (4.5 miles) and the Speedway route (1 mile). I set a PB for the Fruitdale route, but I missed a PB for the Speedway route by 4 seconds. I could tell that my legs were tired, and my heart rate as measured by the Expresso bike when I first started was higher than it usually is. It got up to 106 during the runs, and that is a new value for my heart rate while exercising. I thus didn't try to set any speed records and kept the bike in a gear that was relatively easy to peddle.

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