Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ran/walked for 60 minutes & rode Expresso Bike

I didn't check my wakeup heart rate this morning. I drove to the Jordan River Parkway about 3 pm and ran/walked for 60 minutes. I felt pretty good when I first started, but after half a mile I could tell my hips and legs were tired. I managed to finish the 60 minutes and did about 3.1 miles, although I did extra walking during the last half of the distance. There was a 7-10 mph breeze blowing from the north, and it was a cold head wind on the way back. The air temperature was 34 (F) when I left home, but it was probably a few degrees below that by the time I finished my workout.

I drove to the gym and rode the Expresso bike for the Fruitdale and Rolling Thunder tours. I didn't push for speed, and I kept the bike in a gear that made it relatively easy to peddle. I like the Fruitdale tour, because it is 4.5 miles of flat riding (no gear changing, and long straightaways before a turn).

I think my legs are still tired from my horrendous ride on Tuesday. I normally would have run/walked yesterday, but I postponed it a day to give my body extra rest. When I was younger, 48 hours between heavy runs was sufficient. As I've gotten older, I'm realizing that I need more time for recovery.

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