Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rest Day Today But Went For A "Bike" Ride

Because today was a rest day, I didn't do any running. It was, though, a "red" day, and if I had run, I would have gone to the gym instead of the Jordan River Parkway. Tomorrow is forecast to be a "yellow" day, and Saturday is forecast to be a "green" day. If the forecasts hold true, my next running on Saturday will be at the Parkway.

We're supposed to have rain or snow tomorrow and Saturday. Because of the cold-front coming through, the temperatures will be lower. The high today was 40 (F). Also, the air cleared during the early afternoon, and the inversion was gone by late afternoon. I did go to the gym and rode the bike on two 2.9 mile tours. On the "Lost Trail" tour I set a new PB by 8 seconds. My legs are getting stronger, and I'm able to climb the hills in a higher gear than I used last week. My times are still several minutes slower than the times of the younger persons who also ride the Expresso bike. I'm not pushing for speed, and I keep the bike in the gear that makes it relatively easy to peddle. Because of the hills, I'm frequently changing gears. So far, I've ridden 36 miles.

The first picture below shows the scenery on the Lost Trail tour. The monitor screen has a different aspect ratio, and the picture is higher but not as wide. The additional height shows the path being used. The second picture shows the monitor screen and the bike as seen by the person riding the bike (ignore the scenery that is not part of the bike).

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