Saturday, March 30, 2013

No running, walking, or bike riding today, but ...

I really had a workout today, a workout called "yard work". I changed the oil in my lawn mower and edger and got my lawns ready for an Easter party on Monday for 10 grandchildren. I had the mower set as low as it would go, and I scalped the back lawn so my grandchildren could do "golf putting" on the lawn. This was my first cutting of the new season, and I normally cut it lower on my first mowing to get rid of some of the dry grass. Then, during the summer I raise the mower to yield about 2 1/2 inches of length to the blades of grass. Today, I had the mower set so low, that I had to push the mower to get the machine to move through the grass, even though the motor on the mower was trying to move the machine. It took me over an hour of such work to finish my lawns, and I was really tired when I finished. My grass is Kentucky Blue grass, and it won't go green for another month. People around here use a lot of rye grass that goes green in April.

The guy in that cartoon looks like I felt. The picture could be of me, except I wear a wide-brim hat to protect my face from UV, and I wear long sleeves and long pants for the same reason.


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