Saturday, March 16, 2013

Ran/walked 60 minutes

My wife and I drove to the Jordan River Parkway and went north from the 100th South trail head. She walked 1 mile and then waited on a bench for me to do the second mile, going 1/2 mile further north and back. Then we returned to 100th South.

Today was a beautiful day. Temperature was in the mid 50s (F) with a light breeze blowing. Lawn grasses are just beginning to green, and the only trees with leaf-buds are the willow trees. There were quite a few walkers, cyclists, and runners on the path.

I received an email yesterday saying the restrictions on burning (air quality) have ended and people can burn wood every day if they want. This means we won't have more inversions until next winter. Inversions happen when warmer air moves in over colder air, disrupting air convections that normally disperse pollutants. In summer, the air next to the ground is warmer, preventing inversions from happening.

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