Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ran 1 mile and was glad I got that far

My wakeup heart rate was 63, and that is high enough that I should have stayed home. But I went running with a hope of doing 2.5 miles. However, at 1/2 mile, I turned around and went home. My legs felt like they were made of lead, and I had no energy for walking much less for running. I took a nap and felt better. I've been seriously sleep-deprived for the past couple of weeks, and it finally got to me. I did have the last two nights of good sleep, but my body still sent me a loud message that I need to change my behavior.



  1. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Don't overwork yourself! I am glad you listened to your body and went back home! I need to catch up on some sleep, too! :-)

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  3. Do not force your body because this may lead to injuries and you can get sick. Try to relax. Hope that you can do that 2.5 miles soon.