Saturday, June 1, 2013

I did it -- Ran 3 miles again

I just got back from my run. Today is a beautiful day. No clouds. Lots of sun. The temperature when I got back was 78 (F). Almost no wind was blowing. Lots of runners, walkers, cyclists on the trail. In fact, the parking lot at 100th South had about 15 cars, significantly more than the 5 or 6 cars that are usually there. At first, I thought the police academy was having a qualification run, but I didn't see any police cars in the parking lot, and I realized the cars were all civilian cars.

I ran the same 3-mile route that I used on Wednesday. I didn't keep track of my time, but the run probably took about 55 minutes. I used my Fuel Belt for the first time this year, and I followed the same schedule I've used in the past -- one swallow of water each time I started walking, that's a swallow every two minutes. Each bottle in my Fuel Belt holds one cup, and I empty the bottle every mile. I also got a drink from the water fountain at 100th South at the beginning and end of my run/walk. The temperature wasn't particularly high today, but I was glad I carried water with me. After about 1.5 miles I started sweating, and the water helped replace that lost via sweating.

Now, after I eat brunch and take a short nap, I'll mow my lawns. The picture shown below is the belt I have (6 bottles). It isn't very visible in the picture, but the belt has a nice pouch that I use for my cell phone.

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  1. Anonymous6/02/2013

    Nice run! Sounds like a great day!