Friday, June 28, 2013

Ran 3 miles in 65 minutes; felt like an oven...

I had a great run/walk today! My wakeup heart rate was 60, still high but lower than last week (yesterday, it was 61). I didn't get out until 12:30 pm, and by then the summer heat was here. The shade temp when I left home was 95 (F). The temperature in direct sunlight was probably 105-110. Most of the trail was in direct sun, although there were a few spots of shade. As I ran, when I saw a bench in the shade, I stopped for a couple of minutes. I wasn't tired like I've been in the past; I stopped to rest due to the heat and to give my body a chance to adjust to the heat a bit. Instead of the 3 cups of water that I usually carry when I do 3 miles, I carried 4 cups. In addition I took a nice drink before I left home and another nice drink next to the path before I started. I was glad for the extra cup of water that I carried. I drank a couple of swallows each time I walked (every 2 minutes), and the extra cup meant I drank a bit more than I would have. When I finished, I used the fountain next to the path to get water, and I poured a cup or so on my head and let it drip down my face and t-shirt. There was a slight breeze blowing, and that breeze was a head-wind on my way back, and it helped cool me. One of the first signs I get of heat exhaustion is a headache, and that didn't happen to me. My energy level stayed relatively high during the run. All in all, I think I handled the heat OK. I went slow and enjoyed being outside.

I had the path mostly to myself. I didn't see any other runners until I was half a mile from the end and I saw several members of the police academy out for a training run. I could tell they were from the academy, because they all had blue shorts and white t-shirts with the academy logo. When they passed, I was sitting on a bench, and they all called me "sir" as they passed me. While I ran, I did see 4 walkers, a couple of cyclists (one a boy about 11 or 12 who was sitting in the shade with his bike on the ground next to him) and a girl on skates. She gave me a thumbs up as she flew past me. I frequently get thumbs up from others on the path. I guess they aren't used to seeing an old geezer out running.

When I got home, I changed into dry clothes and took an hour nap. In another hour and a half, the temperature will be below 90, and I'll just have time to mow my lawns before it gets dark. I started the lawns yesterday but stopped due to the heat after doing about 1/3 of the lawns.

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