Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nice run/walk of 64 minutes for 3 miles

My wakeup heartrate was 58. It's coming down, and it's up to me to get good sleep each night so it will continue coming down. Because of the heat, I delayed my run until 7 pm. When I left home the temperature was 89 (F), down from a peak of 102, and it was 81 when I returned. I took it easy and just enjoyed myself as I ran. After 2 miles I started getting tired, and at 2.2 miles I took a short rest break. There was a lot of shade, due to the late hour I was out. In addition, there were clouds in the sky that diffused the sunlight to almost shade. When I finished the run, the sun wasn't quite behind the Oquirrh mountains. There were a few walkers, cyclists, and runners on the path but not many. I thought we would have thunderstorms this evening, but it looks like the storms will be delayed until tomorrow evening. I drank about 3 1/2 cups of water during my run.

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