Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ran 3.5 miles in about 70 minutes

Today was a hot day for running, but I made it thanks to water I carried and several  benches that were in some shade (the shade temperature was 90 (F) when I returned home). I only had 5 1/2 hours sleep last night and my wakeup heart rate was 58. I didn't have as much energy as I had last week.

There were quite a few cyclists and walkers on the path and one skater. I saw a few other runners, too. Most of the people where out today were out earlier in the morning or will be out in the evening. It doesn't get dark until 9 pm. I would have waited until then, but two of my grandchildren are coming over, and I wanted to get my run in before they came.

I drank 3 1/2 cups of water and had good drinks at home before I left, and at the beginning, turn-around, and end of my run. I had about half a cup of water left when I finished, and I poured it on my head and let it run down my t-shirt. There was a 3-5 mph breeze coming from the south, and it helped cool me as I ran during the first half.

We had rain showers during the night, and more showers are predicted for this evening. My wife says we are living in Camelot -- sunny in the daytime and showers while we sleep.

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