Monday, July 22, 2013

Ran 3.5 miles this morning

I got out earlier than I've been doing, but not as early as I would have liked. The shade temperature when I returned home was 95 (F) and was probably about 90 when I left home. I carried my usual 4 cups of water and used most of it during my run/walk. In addition, I had a good drink of water at home before I left, at the start and end of my run, and at the turn-around point. I used my normal ratio of 60 seconds running and 60 seconds walking.

I felt pretty good during the first half of my run,  but I got a bit dizzy during the return phase back to my car. The dizzy feeling was slight and occurred during the last half mile or so. It was, I assume, due to the heat, because I've felt fine since then. After I got home, I took a half-hour nap. There was a south breeze of 5 mph or so, and that felt good. I didn't take any rest breaks on the way out, but I did take 3 breaks on shady benches on the way back. During these hot summers, I run for survival and give no thought to trying to increase my distance much or my pace. I save performance improvements for the Spring and Fall and just try to survive during the summer and winter.

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