Monday, October 7, 2013

Ran 2.5 miles

My wife and I started our workout about 9 am, going north on the Jordan River Parkway. When we left home, there was a brisk breeze blowing, but when we started our workout, the breeze was gone. However, I noticed it was back as I did the last half-mile. The sky was almost clear, and the sun felt good. The temperature during our workout was in the high 40s (F).

I noticed my right quad was a little-bit sore when I knelt down to do my situps or my pushups, but it felt fine before, during, and after my run. This is the third run in which I haven't had to stop and stretch my quad. However, my right leg is swollen compared to the left leg. The swelling started at the same time that my right quad felt tight. I've been taking a natural remedy for joint-stiffness and soreness, and I've temporarily stopped that to see if it is the cause of my right leg being swollen. So far, I haven't notice any change.

I've mentioned in previous posts, there is an old apple tree about at the 0.7 mile mark on the path. I stopped at the tree to get an apple and found that all of the apples I can reach are gone (apparently someone got there before I did). There are some nice looking apples up high, but I can't reach them. I did get a small one to eat, and my wife, who can reach higher than me, got another one for me. The apples taste good. In previous years, I've gotten quite a few apples from that tree.

The following picture, taken from the web, shows a wild apple tree by a river.

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