Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ran/walked another 60 minutes

I had a nice run/walk this afternoon. I went out at 5:30 pm and finished about 15 or 20 minutes after the sun went behind the Oquirrh mountains. I forgot to charge my GPS, and the battery was too low to power the GPS. I thus don't have an exact mileage, but the distance was close to 2.8 miles. I took five rest breaks, one going down and four coming back. Each rest break was 1-2 minutes.

During my last quarter-mile, I passed a group of men and women who were going south. At first I thought they were from Bingham High School, because they had new running shorts and t-shirts, but I realized they were older than high school students, and I decided they were from the Police Academy. When I finished my run, I asked a man who was timing if they were from the Police Academy, and he said "yes". While we were talking, the first runner finished the 1.5 miles, and the timer gave the time of 9 minutes and about 15 or 20 seconds. The runner was really pushing to finish the run. A second runner came in about 30 seconds later.

The temperature was in the mid to high 50s (F) during my run, and I wore long pants, because I knew the sun would be down before I finished, and in the desert, the temperature plummets as soon as the sun goes down. I wore my old nylon jacket for about half the run, and tied the jacket around my waist during the rest of the run.

The following view of Salt Lake City and the Oquirrh mountains was taken from the web. The camera is facing South-West. It isn't very noticeable due to the snow on the mountains, but the Bingham openpit copper mine is in the picture, slightly to the left of the center of the picture. Local TV stations have their antennas on Farnsworth Peak which is just to the right of the picture but not shown in the picture. Ham radio operators also have repeaters on that peak. Click the picture for a larger image.

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