Friday, November 22, 2013

Ran for 66 minutes, 3.76 miles

Today was a cold day (temperature in the high 30s (F)), cloudy but no wind and no rain or snow. We've been having light rain and snow flurries throughout the past few days. The sky is expected to clear tomorrow and for the next few days, and the temperature is expected to warm up a bit.

I felt really good during my run today, and I ran noticeably faster for 66 minutes. This is my current long run. I'm adding about 5% to my distance every week or two, until I get to a time of 100 minutes. At that point I will cap the run for a while while my body adjusts to the distance. My long run is usually on Saturday, but I missed my medium run on Wednesday this week, and did the long run on Friday instead of Saturday. Monday is my rest run capped at 60 minutes. My medium run on Wednesday will increase with my long run, as explained above, and when it reaches 80 minutes, I will cap it and let my long run on Saturday continue to 100 minutes.

I ran in the late afternoon and finished about half an hour before darkness. There were  few other runners on the Parkway, and I saw a family taking pictures of their children and a parent.

Here is a picture (taken from the web) of the playground at the South Jordan City East Pavilion. Today I ran from the entrance at 100th South past this playground about 1/4 mile and then returned to my car at 100th South. You can see a bit of the path I was on to the left of the playground.

The East Pavilion is shown in the next picture (also taken from the web). The pavilion is about 100 feet to the right of the playground. When I drive to the East Pavilion, I park my car directly in front of the camera that took the following picture, and I walk about 1/8 mile to the path and begin my run, usually going south into Draper City.

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