Monday, November 18, 2013

Ran/walked for a 60-minute Rest Run

My wife and I drove to the South Jordan East Pavilion and went south. I forgot my GPS so I'm not sure of the exact distance, but it was around 3.1 miles. I used my regular watch to measure the 60 minutes. When I reached 60 minutes, I still had about 1/4 mile to go, and I stopped my 2-phase timer and walked to my car. I took a one-minute rest stop when I had 0.7 miles left in my run.

My wife walked 2.6 miles.

Today was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the mid 50s (F). During the first half, there was a 20 mph (or so) head wind that made running a bit difficult. I wore three layers. As soon as I turned around and headed north, I could tell it was warmer, and I took off my nylon windbreaker, leaving me with two layers. I could have worn running shorts and been comfortable, but I decided at the last minute to wear long running pants.

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