Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ran 2 miles on an icy path

My wife and I went out in the late afternoon, and we each did 2 miles, going south from 100th South. She was walking, and I was running. The city of South Jordan had scraped snow from the path, but there was quite a lot of ice on the path. The shade temperatures have been below freezing for several days. The high today was in the mid 20s (F), and the low last night was 9.

I thought I'd pass on a few suggestions about running on ice. The suggestions are listed in the order I think of the suggestions, not by importance.

1.  Don't do it. Perhaps run in the late afternoon after the sun has had a chance to melt some of the ice. If the weather is really bad, consider going to a gym if one is available.

2. Don't heel strike. The edge of your heel gives little friction on the ice, and using a heel strike is a path to falling down and possibly being injured. Instead, take smaller steps and run flat-footed. Maximize the contact between your shoe and the ice.

3. If the path or road is slick, run along the edges that haven't been packed by vehicles or humans. Loose snow isn't slippery.

4. Wear ice shoes that have been equipped with studs. Commercial studs are available, and you can make your own ice shoes using screws put into the sole such that the heads of the screws make contact with the ice.

5. Slow down. Consider walking or jogging through patches of ice.

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  1. No.6 Use Yaktrax - which is what I do, and feel perfectly safe running on snow and ice....