Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hoped to run on Thursday but didn't make it

I had hoped to run on Thursday, December 12, but I didn't make it. I awoke about 5 am on Thursday with a dizzy spell. It went away, and I went back to sleep, but I was dizzy when I awoke about 8 am. This time it didn't go away for a couple of hours. I called my doctor and was told to head for the emergency room at the local hospital. I spent most of the day in the ER on Thursday. My blood, urine, and heart all checked OK. The doctor decided it was just a case of vertigo, likely due to my age. He gave me some medicine to take whenever the dizziness occurs. Also, I'm supposed to go to a dizziness clinic for more tests. I haven't felt dizzy since Thursday morning, and I hope to be back to running next week. The perils of getting old....

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