Monday, February 10, 2014

Ran 2 miles on the Jordan River Parkway

Today was a beautiful day for being outdoors. My wife and I went north from the 100th South trail head for 1 mile and then back. The temperature was 41 (F) with a slight breeze blowing. We passed a few walkers, but there were not many on the path. I went faster than normal going out, and I started getting tired and slowed down on the way back. I took a 2-minute rest break at the turn-around point and a 30-second break on the way back.

The water-level in the Jordan River is very low. There was one point where the water was going through a small channel, and the rest of the river-bed was a giant sand bar with weeds growing on it. Normally, that sand bar is under water.

We're supposed to have rain Wednesday and Thursday, so we'll probably go to the rec center for our mid-week workout. I'm not sure what the forecast is for Saturday, but that day is far enough in the future that the forecast might not be accurate, anyway.

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