Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Took last week off from runnng; now, back into it

My wife and I did 2 miles around noon-time, going north on the Jordan River Parkway from the 100th South parking lot. Today was a beautiful day, and a lot of people were on the Parkway path, enjoying being outside. The temperature was in the low 50s (F), and there were beautiful clouds in the sky but lots of sun. The Midwest up through Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and New England are continuing to have freezing rain and snow. Those folks are really suffering this winter! Unless we get more snow in our mountains, Utah will suffer next summer with a scarcity of water. Northern Utah has a series of reservoirs that store rain and snow-melt water, and, so far, the reservoirs are below normal levels.I run along the Jordan River that connects Utah Lake and the Great Salt Lake, and I can see the water flowing in the river; that level has been low for over a year.

Last week my left leg swelled up and became sore when I bent the leg. The swelling was in the upper part of the leg, below the knee. I had started taking a new supplement that provides two enzymes that are used by my body to create energy, and I wondered if that supplement was causing the swelling. I stopped taking the supplement and also stopped running for the week. The swelling went down within a couple of days, and most of the soreness was gone. I don't know for sure if the supplement caused the swelling, because I also had been careless about stretching before and after my run. The recommended dose of the supplement is 2 capsules per day. I restarted the supplement today and will take only one capsule per day. It will take a week or two to see how my body reacts to the capsules. Earlier, I took the supplement for about 10 days before the swelling occurred.

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