Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ran/walked 2.8 miles around my neighborhood

We had rain during the day, and we didn't go running and walking until just before sundown. I wanted to go to the Jordan River, like we've been doing, but my wife suggested we stay in our neighborhood, because she expected it would be dark before we finished. She was also worried about rain while we were out.

It wasn't raining when we left home, but it start to rain while we were out, and the rain lasted for about 15 minutes. There was no wind when we left home, but just before the rain came, the wind started to blow, and the wind lasted until the rain stopped, and then there was no wind. The wind signified that a low-pressure was passing through and was bringing rain. After the low-pressure passed, the rain and wind stopped. The air temperature was in the mid 40s (F), so the rain wasn't very cold. My body felt warm while I was out, but my arms were cold. I got home after the sun was down but it wasn't dark, yet. I need to spray my nylon jacket and pants with Silicone to make them resistant to water.

My left leg still felt tired when I did a running segment, compared with my right leg, but not as tired as it was last week.

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