Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ran/walked 3 early-morning miles

My wife and I wanted to be home by 10 am to listen to the Saturday sessions of the Mormon Conference, so we left home at 8:15 am. She did her 2 miles of walking, and I did 3 miles of running/walking. The temperature was 42 (F) when we left home. There were a lot of people using the Jordan River Parkway. I took no resting breaks going out, but I took two or three short breaks on the way back. Going out early was nice, because there were rain showers later in the day, although the showers were intermittent and light.

This week is a good example of what I want to do for the next month: 2 miles as a rest run. 2.5 miles as a medium run, and 3 miles as a long run. Doing those distances will help my body get used to the longer distance of 3 miles. When I feel like my body has adjusted to those distances, I will increase by 5-10% the distances of all three runs. After each increase, I will run the new distance for at least a week or two. When my rest run gets up to 3 miles, I'll switch to using time instead of distance to report each workout. As my body gets stronger, I'll probably do about 3.3 miles in 60 minutes.

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