Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ran another mile

My wife and I went out running and walking in the late afternoon. I did another mile, and I wasn't as tired as I was last time. We have a busy schedule on Saturday, but if I go out, I'll do another mile. My goal for next week is to do 1.25 miles each time. Last time when I ran, I ran 15:15, and today I ran 20:20, where the numbers are seconds.

The swelling in my left leg is going down! As I've explained in past posts, my swelling came right after I started taking a new OTC remedy for joint stiffness. I'm not completely sure if the OTC remedy was causal or not, but I don't think running was causal. What ever the reason, I'm glad to see the swelling go down.

The following picture (taken shows what my legs looked like, although my left leg wasn't swollen quite as much as the leg in the picture. Today, my left leg was slightly larger, but the shape of that leg was normal. My right leg hasn't swollen at all. Well, my right leg hasn't swollen, but both my feet get swollen during the day.

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