Monday, June 16, 2014

Walked/ran another 1.5 miles

I went running in the late evening, not too long before it got dark. I ran my usual route on the Jordan River Parkway, south from 100th South. I didn't have my two-phase counter, so I estimated each phase. I began running and walking for about 30 seconds, but I could tell my legs were tired, so I walked for about 60 seconds and ran for about 30 seconds. My legs felt fine doing it that way.

When I was younger and ran in Massachusetts, it would take me about a mile and a half to get warmed up. I could tell tonight that it was about the same now, even though I'm much older. During the last half of my run, my legs felt better, and I ran the last quarter mile doing approximately 30 seconds running and approximately 30 seconds walking.

Quite a few people were on the path, even though it was close to getting dark. The path isn't hard to follow in the dark, because the asphalt is a lighter shade of gray than the surrounding vegetation.  Also, there are lights from near-by buildings that help to lighten the night.

I didn't run last Saturday, because on Friday we played miniature golf with several grandchildren. I didn't do a lot of distance (maybe a quarter mile), but I was on my feet for two hours. Also, before we went golfing, we walked to the nearby canal and back to look at the ducks, a distance of about 0.6 miles. Saturday was thus a rest day.

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