Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Another 2 miles

My wife and I just returned from doing another 2 miles, using the same route we used on Monday. The sky was completely overcast, and there were forecasts of thundershowers. We took the north route from 100th South again, because there are more trees than there are on the south route. If lightning should strike, we wanted tall trees to attract the lightning.

I felt and did a lot better than I did on Monday. When I reached our turnaround point (1 mile) I felt about the same as I had felt on Monday at the 0.5 mile marker. I did do some extra walking on the way back, but I continued to alternate running and walking instead of mostly walking as I had done on Monday. Also, I changed my timer back to 40 seconds running and 40 seconds walking instead of the 20 seconds that I had used on Monday.

I didn't see many runners on the trail, but I saw quite a few walkers and cyclists. My wife walked slower, and I was able to keep up with her on the way back. She was ahead of me, though, on the way out, because she went from our car straight to the trail instead of walking down to a different point on the trail that I normally start from.

I did get only 5 hours sleep last night. We were up until 2:30 am finishing a 500-piece puzzle. That was a hard puzzle and took quite a few hours to complete. My wife did most of the work, but I helped during the last two or so hours. My wife has been putting a lot of time in on our yard, and doing the puzzle was a nice change for her.

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