Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ran 1.65 miles again, but it was hot

I really messed up my schedule today. I went running the hottest part of the day (mid-day). I drank extra water before I left home, and I took a good drink at the trail head before started south from 100th South. Because of the heat (temperature was about 95 (F), I stopped when ever I passed a bench and rested for a minute or so. I also walked more than I normally would. I had mowed my lawns earlier in the day, and my body was probably tired from doing that. During hot weather like today, I run to survive. Spring and Fall are times to improve performance.

The first sign of heat exhaustion that I usually get is a headache. I didn't have that symptom today. Another sign of heat exhaustion that can lead to heat stroke is a lack of sweating. Sweating is the way our bodies regulate temperature, and if we stop sweating our internal temperature starts to climb. I wasn't aware I was sweating less during my run, but at the end of the run I got a good drink of water, and sweat started pouring down my face.

Because of the shortness of my run, I didn't carry water, but I should carry water when ever the temperature goes above 90. I need about 1 cup of water per mile, so I should have carried two bottles of water (1 cup each) in my Fuel Belt. Hopefully, I'll get used to the heat (to a degree at least), but in the meantime it would be good for me to run earlier in the morning.


  1. Thankfully, we don't get those sort of temperatures here Allen, and if we did I don't think I'd be out running.
    I never carry water, though in my marathon training days when doing long runs of 20 - 22 miles in the heat I'd sometimes find myself knocking on some stranger's door and begging a glass!
    My longest runs nowadays are only around 10 miles so can manage without water, or anything else, till I get home.
    Keep on running.....

  2. I only carry water when it gets hot, like this week. I sweat continuously, and I like to drink water continuously. I take a swallow every time I walk; this amounts to 1 cup per mile. Even with all that water, my urine is still relatively dark in color.

    10 miles is a good distance for oldtimers!