Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles again

My wife and I started our run/walk at 8:01 am and went south from 100th South. Because of our being out early, there was a lot of shade on the path. There were a lot of people, too. I don't remember seeing many other runners, but there were a lot of walkers, cyclists, and two skaters. I felt pretty good during the workout, but I took several short rest breaks. There were a few times that I took an extra walking phase (40 seconds), but for most of the time I alternated running and walking.

My wife was waiting for me when I approached the last 1/8 mile, and we walked to the finish line. While waiting for me, she asked some people if they had seen an old man running. They said that I was sitting on a bench when they went by but was running when they passed me on their way back. I think they were walkers. I'm going pretty slow when walkers pass me.... On Monday (August 4), two women were walking and enjoying visiting with each other. I passed them and felt like I was in a race.


  1. I don't mind walkers passing me Allen - so long as they're going in the opposite direction....
    By the way, the forecast for Almondbury, in your sidebar, is wrong. The sun hasn't put in an appearence at all this morning. I'm just going for a run before it rains...
    Happy running!

  2. Hi Fox, my good friend. You're right about people going the opposite direction to you. My problem is that I get passed by walkers going the same direction as me. I was even passed a few days ago by a fattish woman walking her dog. Some of those overweight people really speed by me. I do pass a few people, though. Many of them walk at my pace, but my running means I average a faster pace and eventually pass them.