Saturday, August 30, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles this afternoon

My wife and I finally did some running and walking today. We just got back from that workout. With a headwind of about 5-7 mph and a cloudy sky, it was a great day for running. The temperature was in the mid 70s (F), and the headwind  kept my body relatively cool. However, when I reached the one-mile marker and turned around, the wind had died down, and I began to heat up. I decided it wasn't quite so nice, after all. My body felt fine, but my legs got a bit tired. I felt, however, much better than I did the last time I ran 2 miles. The big test will be on Monday. It's common for my first run to be good after I've been off for a while, but the second or third run usually isn't so good.

I found three golf balls along the path. One ball belonged to the golf course, and I threw it back onto the nearby green (golf course balls have a particular marking that privately owned balls don't have). The other two balls were privately owned, and I kept them, washing the dirt from them in the water fountain when I returned to the parking lot. I don't know why I'm collecting the balls. Originally, I thought my grandson would be interested in selling the balls, but he didn't show any interest in them. I continued collecting them and am still doing it, although I'm not putting in much effort to getting them. If I see one as I run, I'll pick it up. Other wise, I leave the balls that are away from the path for others to get.

I saw a few quail along the path. These were individual birds and not in a flock with their mother. I couldn't tell if they were a parent of a spring-flock or a member of the flock. The babies in the spring are now almost fully grown and are as big as their parents.

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