Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ran another 2 miles, grateful for the shade

Today has been a hot day. The afternoon temperature was in the low 90s (F). I ran my 2-mile route, going south from 100th South. Because I ran in the late afternoon (around 5:30 pm), there was a lot of shade on the path, and I was grateful for all of it. When I ran in the sun, the sun felt burning, but when I ran in the shade, the temperature was noticeably lower. I took quite a few short (about 40 seconds) rest stops to avoid getting overly tired as I ran. I kept my running/walking schedule during my run, doing 20 seconds each.

After I finished my run, I sat in my car for a few minutes eating a protein bar, and people from the police academy showed up for their timed run. They started their run shortly before I drove away.


  1. I'm still amazed at how you run in the low 90's. We're just back from a Mediterranean holiday and the only way we got to run was by setting off before sunrise. Even then it was 75ยบ some mornings and we got back dripping sweat. We cooled off with a cold shower and pre-breakfast swim in the pool. It's what you get used to, I suppose, and Yorkshire is a pretty cold place.
    Cheers Allen

  2. Hi Fox,

    I hope you enjoyed your visit to the Mediterranean.

    Even though it is hot here, Utah is dry, and the low humidity makes the high temperatures bearable. When I was younger, I ran 7-minute miles as a normal thing, but I don't do that anymore. I go slow and take breaks as needed. My wife and I usually go out in the mornings to miss the hottest time of the day. As you said, its all what you get used to.

    I notice the elevation here (4400 feet where I run) more than I notice the heat. I guess, after 17 years of running in New England where the altitude was about 300 feet, I got used to the increased oxygen, and I miss that....