Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ran/walked 2 miles, walked another 0.6 mile

My wife (Judy) and I parked at the 100th Street trail head and went north. Judy wanted to look at some new houses that were being built, so we took a small detour to see the houses. We then continued going north, stopping at the old apple tree to pick some apples. The apples are small this year, so we each took 3 of them. When we reached the Sandy golf course, we went north instead of east.  West Jordan has built a new tunnel under 90th South, but we turned around before we reached it. In order to reach the tunnel, we need to get our distance up to 3-4 miles.

I felt stronger today and did better in my running and walking. When I returned (2.6 miles), I felt about the same as I did last week after 1.8 or 1.9 miles. I'm doing well in getting 7 hours of sleep each night, and that extra sleep helps me increase my distance.

The following map of the trail, showing the routes I usually run, is from the web. The map is old and shows the detour at the Sandy  (River Oaks) golf course to the light at 7th West and 90th South and then along 7th West until it goes back to the Jordan River. The trailhead, where I usually park, at 100th South, is slightly above the head of the bird and about 1.3 inches to the right of the head of the bird. It is marked Shields Lane Trailhead, although that is hard to read because of the small size of the map. Click the image for a larger and more readable view. If I go south, I'll reach the tunnel under 106th South (shown on the map as the South Jordan Parkway). The exchange between 106th South and I15 is shown about 3/4 inch above the triangle notice about dumping.

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