Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another tired 2.5 miles

We drove to the 100th South trailhead and went north using the same route we used last week. I was tired for the whole time, due, I think, to lack of sleep. I've been getting about 5 - 5 1/2 hours each night. I'm trying to get more sleep, but something always comes up to wake me up before I've had my seven hours.

My wife has been complaining that the last half-mile of our route is longer that the rest of the route. I decided to check my distances, and I will bring my GPS with us next week to check the mileage. The GPS is supposed to be accurate to about 4 meters (4 satellites) or about 13 feet.

I have a Garmin 110, as shown in the above picture taken from the web.


  1. I use a Garmin 110 and reckon it's fairly accurate. As I've said before, I never look at it while I'm running but link it to Garmin Connect when I get home to record most of my runs.
    Keep on running.....

  2. I look at mine for distance but never for pace. Most of the time I leave it at home, because I know the distances to various points in the trail. I haven't uploaded mine in I don't know how long.